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Contec Professional  – Cleaning Innovation for Healthier Facilities

We represent Contec Professional specializing in disposable microfiber mops and wipes to deliver advanced cleaning performance and lower total operational costs by maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of cleaning professionals.

Featured Products

PREMIRA® Disposable Microfiber Mop Pads

Disposable microfiber mop pads for maximum cleaning and uniform chemical application.

Eliminate cross-contamination risk

Consistently better vs. relaundered microfiber

Made in USA

PREMIRA® Disposable Microfiber Wipes and Hand Pads

Quickly removes dust, debris, fluids, and oils.

Eliminate cross-contamination risk

Consistently better cleaning vs. launderables

Made in the USA

PREMIRA® Light Duty Mop

Perfect for dry dusting and damp mopping.

Compatible with bleach, quat and peroxide-based disinfectants

No residual bacteria from poor laundering

Eliminated need for laundry process

Sanotex® Wipes

Environmental surface wipes, compatible with your preferred chemistry.

Compatible with bleach, quat and peroxide based disinfectants

Spring-loaded lid keeps wipes wet longer

100% synthetic and disposable

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